Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Our Companies Mission is primarily to combat the World Phenomenon Of Global Warming through the effective control and limitation of Carbon Gases.


Further our Companies mission is to bring Renewable Energy to areas which do not have the privilege of instant Energy.

Our company has identified that in order for Africa to uplift itself, it is vital that Energy is provided for Education and Commerce.

In addition we aim to assist the Energy Users to become less dependent on Grid Power but also to use Electricity more efficiently.


How we aim to achieve these goals is to market a our revolutionary type of Hybrid Electricity Supply coupled to a highly advanced Software Management System which will assist in effectively reducing the amount of Solar Panels and Batteries.


It is a fact that the current Energy Generation and Transmission is a costly exercise for any Government.


In order to mitigate this fact our company has designed a "Distributed Energy Storage System" through a "Micro Grid System"

Our company has identified that Microgrids are the future of energy production and distribution.


The Micro Grid  System makes use of a combination of Renewable Energy Sources such as Sun, Wind, Hydro and in some cases but reluctant, Diesel.

Our next step is to incorporate and complete the full suite of Renewable Energy Sources such as Bio Mass Systems.

Through our unique and in house designed "Intelligent Interface Modules" the Energy Generated is used extremely efficiently and which ensures that a reliable source of energy is maintained and that the Energy is provided at an affordable cost.